$140.00 NZD

The Path Of The Feminine with Holistic Sex Coach Melissa Vranjes Workshop Recording


We live in a time where the masculine (yang) qualities of focus, achievement, and "getting shit done" are more valued than rest, softness and pleasure.

When the masculine is not balanced with our feminine (yin) it can lead to anxiety, burnout and overwhelm - perhaps you’re feeling this right now?

The Path Of The Feminine is about embodying your radiance, cultivating self-trust, listening to your intuition and celebrating your exquisite pleasure. Your masculine needs this.

This 2hr workshop is for women who are craving to drop back into their feminine energy. Who want tangible tools to anchor into their hearts, hips and body. Who desperately need to find the balance between 'doing' and 'being'.

~ 2hr Masterclass
~ Masterclass slides
~ 3x Feminine audio/video practices


Female Sexuality

  • 4 Holistic sex tools (that I swear by) for anchoring you back into your body when you get stuck in your head during sex 
  • The difference between male and female sexual energy and what you need to do differently in the bedroom - share with your male partners ;)
  • Communication techniques that open your heart, drop you into your hips and help you receive more pleasure 
  • Confidently explore feminine archetypes during sex that invoke sensuality, play and chemistry 
  • How to awaken and balance your sex centre + learn how to use this potent energy to manifest, magnetise and amplify your life
  • Sexy surrender techniques to help you drop into your body, expand your pleasure and get you over the edge into orgasmic bliss
  • Taoist energetic practices for storing pleasure and orgasmic energy in your body


Feminine Embodiment

  • Specific embodiment practices to unravel stress and overwhelm so that you can arrive back into your feminine energy after a day of work
  • How to embody more of your feminine energy when you feel like you’re ‘in your masculine’ all the time
  • How to recognise when your feminine energy is blocked and 5 embodiment practices to release these blockages
  • Learn the art of balancing/dancing between your masculine and feminine energy on a daily basis
  • Learn about the power of your pelvis and how to pull energy from this centre
  • Quick tools for rinsing out stuck masculine energy in the body - heady and overthinking energy
  • Tools to start embodying the super-powered feminine a.k.a the one who embodies her worth, her power and her enoughness


This is a one-off event, no refunds are available.