$65.00 NZD

BDSM for Beginners Masterclass Recording


Curious to explore the world of kink but not really sure what you're doing or where to start? I got you!

In this beginner's masterclass with Kink Educator and YouTube extraordinaire Evie Lupine, you will learn practical tools and techniques that will show you exactly what to do, and how to do it so you no longer feel awkward or shy.

Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship, this masterclass will empower you to step outside of your comfort zone and feel confident exploring your inner kinkster. This is for you if you’re wanting to spice up your sex life, awaken your erotic self or build a solid foundation of inspiring kink tools to keep in your back pocket ;)

In this BDSM 101 masterclass you will: 

  • Learn some beginner-friendly techniques around bondage, orgasm control, sensation play, impact play and spanking
  • Learn some of the most popular kinks and how to explore them in a safe, fun and empowering way
  • Explore different ways to incorporate kink into your sex life to spice it up whether you’re dating or in a long-term relationship
  • Learn how to build a juicy and successful ‘scene’ that excites you, makes you feel empowered and comfortable 
  • Learn specific ‘guiding principles’ behind BDSM to help make your sexy spaces safe and consensual
  • Learn the common reasons why people enjoy kink and why kink is an incredible way to ignite some fire in the bedroom
  • Explore common Dom/Sub roles in the bedroom and how to discover what is right for you
  • Learn about common terminologies like aftercare, safewords, and subspace to help you plan and prep your experiences 
  • Tools and tips for how to communicate and introduce kink to a partner
  • Debunk common myths and misconceptions around kink

Slideshow included.


This a one-off workshop. No refunds.