$360.00 NZD

For The Lovers Mini-Series

With Certified Holistic Sex Coach Melissa Vranjes

A mini-series for the lovers ready to deepen their intimate connection with each other, enhance their sex life and cultivate more passion and play in their relationship.

This series is a blend of educational, practical and interactive tools. It will teach you how to open up to deeper love with one another, create a sex life that fulfils you both and cultivate ninja communication skills.



  • The Art of Hot Sex Workshop Recording - A workshop for the lovers who want to spice things up, give their sex life some TLC and ignite more passion & eroticism back into the bedroom. 
  • Power Couple Workshop Recording - A workshop for couples who want to learn how to communicate skilfully, deepen their love and develop new levels of emotional and physical intimacy.
  • 2x Interactive Couples Playbooks that give you complete guides and step-by-step processes for each module.
  • 5x Guided Date Night Experiences - exploring non-sexual and sexual date night experiences with different 'themes'.
  • 6x Couples Embodiment Practices - guided audios that take you through the embodiment practices mentioned in The Art of Hot Sex and Power Couples workshops.
  • A Pussy/Penis Massage Video Tutorial, a sexy step-by-step video guide (with actual people) teaching you how to give/receive a pussy and penis massage - coming soon.
  • Bonus: BJ like a BOSS Workshop Recording with Luna Matatas - feel empowered, confident and embodied when giving boss-like blowjobs!
  • Bonus: Give Head Like A Hero Workshop Recording with Melissa Vranjes - learn the art of going down on a woman and slowly opening her up to deep states of pleasure and ecstasy. 
  • Lifetime access to the mini-series in the portal



The Art of Hot Sex Workshop

  • How to build desire outside of the bedroom to ignite more fire in the bedroom
  • Easy steps to learning what turns each other ON and OFF
  • The foreplay fundamentals for hot sex
  • The difference between the female and male sexual build-up + how to navigate this
  • How to create more context for turn on in the bedroom
  • Navigating mismatched libidos
  • Enhancing each other pleasure experience with sexy communication techniques
  • Tools to support your lover to stay present and in their body
  • Pre-sex practices to help you both drop into a deeper love-making session
  • The hottest technique to bring on simultaneous orgasms 
  • Supporting your man/woman to surrender

Power Couple Workshop

  • Communication techniques to open up more vulnerability, clarity and honesty between lovers
  • How to cultivate intimacy outside of the bedroom that reestablishes passion, pleasure and fun
  • Practical communication tools for navigating triggering or hurtful conversations/recurring themes (money, sex, support, emotions, relationships)
  • Powerful (short) practices to build connection after feeling disconnected
  • How to hold your woman - holding space for her emotions and heart
  • How to hold your man - supporting his masculinity and opening his heart
  • Discover what your lover really needs, wants and desires from your relationship (move beyond the superficial stuff) 
  • How to cultivate deeper compassion for one another in your everyday life
  • Creating polarity outside of the bedroom that builds desire, attraction and chemistry 


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