$140.00 NZD

Mastery Of The Masculine with Australia's Leading Men's Sex Coach Cam Fraser Recording

This 1.5hr workshop is for women desiring  to understand men on a deeper level - sexually and emotionally.

Cam Fraser - Australia's Leading Men's Sex Coach & Sexologist, will be teaching you what men crave in the bedroom, how to pleasure their bodies and what women can do to support men emotionally open up.

This is a rare opportunity to learn how to better love, communicate and pleasure men, whether you're in a relationship or dating.

We will be covering 2 main areas:


  • Specific tips and techniques for turning men on, teasing them and getting them in the mood!
  • How to help him last longer, slow things down and not make orgasm the goal
  • Touch techniques and toys for exploring anal pleasure with a male partner - communication, toys and touch techniques for him
  • Learn more erotic pleasure zones on the male body to arouse, awaken and stimulate for ultimate satisfaction ;)
  • Why you need to start from the centre (genitals) out when it comes to male pleasure
  • Understanding how pressure show’s up for men in the bedroom and how women can support them 
  • The best ways to communicate with men about what you need in the bedroom (without crushing their ego)
  • What men need in the bedroom to feel connected, turned on and juiced up!


  • How to create space for men to emotionally open up 
  • Learn what women can do for men to feel comfortable being vulnerable
  • How to encourage vulnerability that feels authentic
  • Common ways men feel stuck around expressing themselves 


This is a one-off event, no refunds are available.